About Us

SHOOTEASY specializes in scripted/non-scripted television productions, feature films and commercials alike, in Budapest, Hungary, and the Central European region. Shooteasy provides a fixer, or fixers, and any other professional crew, gear and locations for your production.

SHOOTEASY is a Budapest based production services and production company, mainly concentrating on the professional demands and requirements of American, European and Asian production houses, companies and agencies.

SHOOTEASY works across all genres in production (documentaries, docurealities, current affairs, light entertainment, commercials, feature films, photography). We take responsibility for all the organizational aspects of production scheduling and budgeting. We assist producers in interpreting and implementing  the directors' visions, both financially and logistically.

SHOOTEASY has the most experienced fixers in Hungary, we know how we can provide the best fixer services and solutions for your production.

What we do and what we did

Referencia 01.sor 1

K-12 (2019)
feature film
director: Melanie Martinez
Atlantic Records/Little Ugly

Referencia 01.sor 2

Melanie Martinez: Show & Tell (2019)
music video
director: Melanie Martinez
Atlantic Records/Little Ugly

Referencia 01.sor 3

Melanie Martinez: Detention (2020)
music video
director: Melanie Martinez
Atlantic Records/Little Ugly

Referencia 01.sor 4

Melanie Martinez: Wheels on the Bus (2019)
music video
director: Melanie Martinez
Atlantic Records/Little Ugly

Referencia 02.sor 1

Szeretlek, mint állat! (2019)
feature film
director: Erik Novák
Shooteasy Production

Referencia 02.sor 2

Belok Kanan Barcelona (2018)
feature film
director: Guntur Soeharjanto
StarVision Plus

Referencia 02.sor 3

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2015)
director: Toby Oppenheimer
Zero Point Zero Production

Referencia 02.sor 4

Tripaholics (2013)
director: Jeff Boggs
Coquette Productions
Travel Channel

Referencia 03.sor 1

Expedition Unknown: The Sultan's Heart (2016)
directors: David M. Barsky & Debbie Appel
Ping Pong Productions
Travel Channel

Referencia 03.sor 2

Expedition Unknown: The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun (2016)
directors: Amanda Marks & Cameron Reed
Ping Pong Productions
Travel Channel

Referencia 03.sor 3

Expedition Unknown: Search for the Sultan's Heart (2019)
directors: Coll Metcalf & Robert Vanover
Circle The Globe Productions
Discovery Channel

Referencia 03.sor 4

Expedition Unknown Global Game Show (2019)
directors: Coll Metcalf & Robert Vanover
Circle The Globe Productions
Travel Channel

Referencia 04.sor 1

Buried Worlds with Don Wildman (2020)
director: B.J. Golnick
Karga 7 Pictures
Travel Channel

Referencia 04.sor 2

Booze Traveler (2015)
director: Mike Gattanella
Karga 7 Pictures
Travel Channel

Referencia 04.sor 3

Could I Live There (2016)
director: Rob Hammersley
Karga 7 Pictures
Travel Channel

Referencia 04.sor 4

The Road Trick (2017)
directors: David M. Barsky & Chris Whiteneck
NorthSouth Productions
Red Bull TV

Referencia 05.sor 1

Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers (2018)
director: Alex Parkinson
Icon Films
Animal Planet

Referencia 05.sor 2

Travel Man: 48 Hours in... (2017)
director: Winston Gallagher
North One Television
Channel 4

Referencia 05.sor 3

Sekai no hate made itte-Q (2019)
director: Takashi Aida
M&M Mediaservices
Nippon Television Network

Referencia 05.sor 4

Cruising with Jane McDonald (2017)
director: Jon Cowen
Elephant House Studios
Channel 5

Referencia 06.sor 1

This World - After Brexit: The Battle for Europe (2017)
director: Jane McMullen

Referencia 06.sor 2

Hardtalk on the Road in Hungary (2019)
director: Stephen Sackur
BBC News

Referencia 06.sor 3

BBC Hardtalk with Péter Szijjártó (2019)
producer: Tama Muru
BBC News

Referencia 06.sor 4

The Conspiracy Files: The Billionaire Global Mastermind (2019)
director: Mike Rudin
BBC Current Affairs

Referencia 07.sor 1

Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations (2020)
director: Andrew Goldberg
Two Cats Productions

Referencia 07.sor 2

Remember Us: The Hungarian Hidden Children (2017)
director: Rudy Vegliante
Green Leaf Productions

Referencia 07.sor 3

The Secret History of Shiraz Wine
director: Rosalind Bain
BBC World

Referencia 07.sor 4

Allah in Europa (2017)
director: Johannes Bücher
Warner Bros International

Referencia 08.sor 1

House Hunters International: Honk if you Love Hungary (2016)
director: Ethan Meyer
Leopard USA

Referencia 08.sor 2

House Hunters International: Blindsided by Budapest (2017)
director: Claire Bamford
Leopard USA

Referencia 08.sor 3

House Hunters International: Only the Best in Budapest (2017)
director: Claire Bamford
Leopard USA

Referencia 08.sor 4

House Hunters International: To Budapest and Beyond (2017)
director: Andrew Painten
Leopard USA

Referencia 09.sor 1

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways - Balkans (2017)
director: Jeff Morgan
Whitworth Media
Channel 5

Referencia 09.sor 2

Aasif Mandvi Saves the World (2019)
director: Vikram Gandhi
Zero Point Zero Production
Apple TV

Referencia 09.sor 3

Mégastadium: Le Tour d'Europe (2018)
director: Thierry Fessard & Yohann Thiriet
RMC Découverte

Referencia 09.sor 4

Megastadium - A Tour of Europe: Budapest vs Bucharest: The temples of Titans (2020)
director: Thierry Fessard & Yohann Thiriet
National Geographic

Referencia 10.sor 1

Hidden Secrets of Cities (2019)/شعوب وأسرار | بودابست - الحلقة 
director: Hani Khashfeh
Abu Dhabi TV

Referencia 10.sor 2

Nader Hamdy: Mansethash (2017)
music video
director: Moustapha El Halawany
Cube Music & Halawany Productions

Referencia 10.sor 3

The Collective - fall/winter (2012)
art director: Apeksha Gupta
fashion photography
MV Productions

Referencia 10.sor 4

Eneos (2017)
director: Paul Griffin
TV commercial
Don Productions



SHOOTEASY is your best choice if you need a fixer’s help for your shooting/filming.

FIXER services:

We provide

  • research and location consultation
  • budget preparation
  • scheduling
  • shooting permits
  • location management
  • transportation
  • crew recruitment
  • equipment rentals
  • accommodation advice
  • visa arrangement
  • insurance, health and safety advice

SHOOTEASY knows Hungary and Budapest extremely well, its associates and contributors have a wide range of experience and excellent professional networks, they can certainly be part of the creative process, and help achieve your goal: a perfect production. Do you need research, more information, location advice, or crew recruitment? A SHOOTEASY fixer will help you. We provide ideas and suggestion regarding who you should involve, either as a character in your production, or as a member of your crew.
We won’t say yes to unfeasible ideas (although we believe that nothing is impossible). And you will know the real costs of your shooting.

Of course, you need locations for your shooting. Please inform us about your ideas based on your script - or just give a verbal description - and we’ll suggest some suitable locations to you. If you need photos or clips about the suggested locations, we’ll provide them.

We have experience in television, film and internet productions, commercials, music videos, corporate films and photography alike. We can be part of your production from initial development to post-production.

From Hungarian, German, Turkish, French, Italian, Russian to English – or any other language, are also available and are at your disposal.

If you need an entire production crew or just a few crew members, we will recommend you the best Hungarian – or expat - professionals and/or hire them for your production.

We can also conduct/organize castings for your production, for any role.

SHOOTEASY will give you advice and provide you with the best experts of the special Hungarian film incentive system. All local, Hungarian expenses (with a very few exceptions) qualify for a 25% rebate. An additional allowance of 25% of the local, Hungarian spending can be used for foreign costs by a Hungarian Production company. This qualifies for a 25% rebate as well.

SHOOTEASY can answer all the questions you may have about anything concerning your shooting, including locations, security, language and technical matters. Knowing the right people and how to speak to them in their own language is a crucial element in making the shooting process as smooth as possible. It will save you both time and money.

Meet The Team

Gergely Varga

managing director, producer, line producer

Emese Antal

svp production & operation

Dániel Bozsik

fixer in Hungary, production manager

Asim Beslija

our fixer & producer in Sarajevo (covers Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro)

Jacqueline Dassyra

our fixer & producer in Athens (covers Greece, Cyprus and Italy)

Anna Tihanyi

production coordinator

Gábor Valter Jakab

location manager, location scout

Áron Bartal

assistant to producer



About Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in the Carpathian Basin, in Central Europe, with an area of 93,030 sq. km (35,919 sq. mi), extending 268 km (167 mi) N – S and 528 km (328 mi) E – W. On the North It is bordered by Slovakia, on the Northeast by Ukraine, on the East by Romania, on the South by Serbia and Croatia, on the Southwest by Slovenia, and on the West by Austria, with a total border length of 2,171 km (1,349 mi). Hungary's capital city, Budapest, is located in the north central part of the country.

10 million people live in Hungary. In the case of 95% of the population, the native language is Hungarian, a Finno-Ugric language unrelated to any neighboring language and distantly related to Finnish and Estonian. The main minority group are the Roma (3-6%). Other groups include: Germans (1.2%), Slovaks (0.4%), Croats (0.2%), Romanians (0.1%), Ukrainians (0.1%), and Serbs (0.1%). For historical reasons, significant Hungarian minority populations can be found in the surrounding countries, most of them in Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. Today, two million ethnic Hungarians live in neighboring countries.

Budapest: the population of the capital of Hungary is 1.8 million. There are another 10 cities with a population in excess of 100,000, including: Debrecen (220,000 residents), Miskolc (180,000), Szeged (160,000), Pécs (160,000), Győr (130,000).

24.5% of Hungarians speak multiple languages. Hungarian is the only official language of Hungary. 10.2% of Hungarians speak German. It’s an official minority language. Historically, German is the most common second language among Hungarians. 9.8% speak English, 2% speak Russian, 1.1% speak French. These are the most popular foreign languages in Hungary.

Parliamentary democracy. Most of the powers are exercised by the head of the government, the Prime Minister. The single-house parliament is elected for 4 year terms. The most recent parliamentary elections were in 2022.

Dr. Viktor Orbán,  since 2010, a conservative, who is the chairman of the Hungarian Civic Alliance (Fidesz). His party is in alliance with KDNP (Christian Democratic People's Party).

Roman Catholic 51.9%, Calvinist 15.9%, Lutheran 3%, Greek Catholic 2.6%, other Christian 1%, other or unspecified 11.1%, unaffiliated 14.5%.

Age 15 and over can read and write: 99.4%.

In the winter UTC +1 hour, in the summer UTC +2 hours (same as in West Europe).EST +6 hours, PST +9 hours, IST -3 hours 30 minutes.

Temperate (cold, cloudy, humid winters - warm summers).

Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meats, seasonal vegetables (paprika, onion and tomato), fruits and fresh bread. Recipes are based on centuries’ old traditions related to spicing and preparation methods.

The Forint (sign: Ft; code: HUF) is the currency of Hungary. It is divided into 100 fillérs, although Fillér coins are no longer in circulation. As a member of the European Union, the long term aim of the Hungarian government is to replace the Forint withEuro. Coins: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 forint. Banknotes: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 forint.

Medium exchange rate (2019 autumn) –

€1: ca. HUF 375

$1: ca. HUF 335

Ł1: ca. HUF 430

INR 1: ca. HUF 4

Brief Presentation of the Hungarian Tax Relief

- Films (for cinema and television) produced in Hungary are eligible for a 30 % rebate based on their expenditure emerged in the country
- The incentive is available through local business companies who receive significant tax relief after their support of films

- Films of all genres made for cinema release
- Feature films, series, documentaries and animations made for televisions or other distribution platforms
- Porn and extreme violent films, commercials, reality shows and daily soap operas are excluded

- Films applying for the incentive have to be submitted to a cultural test
- Films must contain European content or cultural values and additional points are granted if EU nationals are either making or financing the movie (point system)
- 16 points has to be earned to pass

- Hungarian companies, registered with the National Film Office (NFO) are eligible to apply
- Foreign companies should conclude coproduction or service agreements with Hungarian registered company
- Production has to be registered at NFO
- Start of filming has to be reported to NFO

- Corporate-tax-paying domestic companies that may reduce their tax payable and tax base by the financial support they provide (double write-off) - 16% profit realized
- The financial support is provided in the form of a cash refund (post-financing)

- All the direct film production costs are eligible except those excluded by the film law; other costs are limited by the law (see below)
- The producer is free to spend 20% of the budget outside Hungary without suffering a reduction in the amount of the incentive. This means that not only the spend made to Hungarian taxpayers will qualify, but also some of the services provided by foreign taxpayers - up to 20% of the total production budget. (Consequently 30% of the Hungarian spend will be refunded)

- Part of copyright costs over 4% of the budget
- Travel costs are limited to trips from and to Hungary, stopover possible
- P&A is limited up to 2% of the budget (but max 5m HUF)
- Cost of services delivered by non-Hungarian sub-contractors limited up to 25% of eligible Hungarian spend.
- Producersʼ fee maximum up to 4%

- Up to 20% of the eligible production expense (Hungarian or not-Hungarian)
- The non-Hungarian eligible spend is capped at 25% of the Hungarian eligible spend

- Total state subsidies shall not exceed 50% of the production budget, or
     -in case of co-productions 50% of the Hungarian contribution,
     -in case of low-budget films and films produced in Hungarian language the extent of subsidies is 90%,
     -in case of documentaries, animation, shorts, experimental films etc. - 100%

- Experienced crews
- Languages spoken
- Well equipped new studios – sound stages
- Variety of filming locations
- Post-production facilities and expertise

- Certain banks are willing to pre-finance state subsidies and VAT
- Depending on the bank and the individual contract they keep a percentage from the 20% (meaning the actual rebate will be about 16%)
- Deal with NFO for monthly or quarterly accounting

Contact Us

If you need production services or a fixer in Hungary or you are interested in shooting in Central Europe please contact us

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